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Lady on a trip with bagsSo you like to travel! So do we and the hotels we stay at are pretty important.  I get to take my family to different places each year and it is difficult to find the best hotel at the best price at the best location…very difficult.

In this blog we will discuss the many hotels and destinations that are beautiful, have adventure, great for families, and more. There is so much that goes into the planning of a vacation and finding the right hotel is pretty important. There are so many things to consider while researching.

1. The nice hotels are pricey. You get what you pay for, but you also enjoy what you pay for and skimping on a hotel is not one of those things that reward you while you are on vacation. It is like buying a Las Vegas luxury home. You are on vacation to have luxury and relaxation not be cheap.

2. What kind of hotel do you want? Are you a surfer and want easy access to the beach? How about a nice cabin in the forrest below Mount Rainier? I personally like the cabin but would also enjoy a ‘luxury’ hut in Cancun. Lets not rule out the hotel on a ship like a luxury cruise line or a yacht.

3. It is important to know where you want to go. If you are traveling abroad the cost will vary based on the country’s currency (you are going to travel outside the USA too right?) and the amenities that that region of the country offers. If you are taking a fishing trip to Alaska do you want to sleep on the creaky boat of the luxury hotel back on dry land?

4. Plan out the itinerary. Lets face it; nobody wants to stay in the hotel while on vacation. The events and things to do outside the hotel are what makes a vacation memorable. So plan ahead and get some deals on tours, food, sights and other cool activities that will interest you. If you want to go whale watching then plan ahead with the best captain. I want to visit castles someday. Why not stay in a castle while out and about? You then have a cool hotel to stay at while seeing the very thing you are interested in.

5. Check reviews. The hotel may show a lot of awesome reviews but the best ones to see are the ones that are on third party websites. They are not biased and will provide honest stories from actual customers who are not afraid of backlash from the establishment if they give a bad review. Not all bad reviews are bad…there are some people who will complain no matter what circumstances they are placed in so keep that in mind as well.  Check out the reviews for real estate in Carson Valley.

6. Proper identification is a must. Cruise lines are now asking that passengers bring passports even if they are leaving an American port and coming back to it. They need this because some of the ports between might need a passport in order to get off and on the ship. Passports get you everywhere where a license will only get you through the states. Make sure it is current before you leave home or you may be in a nasty surprise later!

Here is a video a young kid made which highlights a hotel in Vegas I would like to go to some day:

This hotel suite is at the Wynn located in Las Vegas and the hotel is known for its many amenities and luxuries for each of it’s guests. Since Steve Wynn is so competitive in every property he builds you will probably enjoy the finest of what Las Vegas has to offer. When you fly into Las Vegas make sure you begin your luxury vacation with a high-end limo. The best company in my opinion would be Henderson Limo Service. They have a huge selection of limos, stretch Hummers and party buses that are decked out extremely well. Once you get to the hotel in your luxury ride, you can expect these services at the Wynn:

  • Luxury Shops
  • High-end Spas
  • Ritzy Salons
  • World Class Fitness Centers
  • HUGE and private golf Course
  • Extravagant pools

The luxury shops allow you to go out shopping for only the finest without having to walk down the strip to find what you need. It is nice to be close to world class shopping especially if you don’t want to spend the money to book another limo.

The spas at the Wynn are heavenly. The spa is an excellent way to relax and unwind in an environment that Forbes magazine continues to rate very high each year since it was opened.

Of course if you need hair products or care to look your very best before leaving the hotel then check out the holistic approaches that this world class salon offers.

The fitness center is not just any gym. They have world class certified trainers at your disposal as well. With cardio and weight training available you will not have to worry about going anywhere else.

The golf course is exceptional. Designed by Tom Fazio and Steve Wynn, it has the resemblance of the rolling hills of South Carolina and is an 18-hole, par-3 course that you can enjoy anytime you are there. They provide the clubs too!

You will enjoy the temperature controlled pools with private cabanas as well. The private cabanas feature plush sofas, a fridge and a plasma TV at your disposal. If you are really feeling dangerous then the European pools allow you to sunbath topless!

I hope you have enjoyed the information on this hotel as well as the tips on planning ahead for your vacation and how to find the best hotel that meets your individual tastes and needs. Start your research early and you will enjoy discounts and perks that you will not get if you go last minute. I have also found that last minute deals are usually going to a place that I don’t want to go anyways, so plan ahead. For more info you can also read our blogs.

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